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Quality system

    We understand very well, that those who do not move forward remain behind. Therefore we have taken part in development and implementation of a quality management system that meets requirements of the international standard DSTU ISO 9001-2001. In the beginning of 2002 the enterprise began to develop the quality system and put it into operation in October of the same year. The result of productive work of the enterprise collective is a receiving of the international certificate of a quality management systems conformity with requirements DSTU ISO 9001-2001 in July 2003. It should be noted, that our distillery is the first enterprise of spirits branch of Ukraine to receive this international certificate.

    In June 2010 the company successfully passed the certification of quality management system in compliance requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and received an international certificate in German certification body DQS (Certificate number 450,951 QM08), and confirmed the effect of the certificate in the national system of certification for compliance requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2009 (Certificate UA2.034-03,023, 08).

ISO 9001-2001


    The team of leaders of Marylivka spirit distillery made it their aim to create an enterprise that successfully and stably works in the internal and international markets, using the methods of the common quality management and manufacturing of competitive production.

    The meetings at the director, chief engineer and Days of quality, taking place monthly in order to coordinate work on the regular basis, support and improve the quality of produce and work, make up a part of a control system. All heads of structural divisions and experts take part in it. 

    One of the basic principles of management at the enterprise is granting large powers to management of all levels, particularly to the heads of the second level. With the purpose of expansion of these powers, the big attention is paid to development of horizontal connections. Thanks to a model of interrelation between all processes, it is possible to determine problem units on their joints and to take adjusting measures without delay.

     The internal auditors help us to control and increase effectiveness of system of quality management. The auditors are guided in their work by all external and internal documentations available at the enterprise.

    Based upon the established goals and strategy of development of manufacture as well as on a quality policy, a network of basic and auxiliary processes that guarantee efficiency of functioning of manufacture is developed. Now, in order to stabilize the processes, the statistical data are applied within the scope of the program information system alcohol factory at the enterprise. The technologist gathers the statistical data concerning characteristics and parameters of technological processes. The information is brought into a computer database to be generalized by means of the specialized program: schedules, diagrams, tables in which tendencies and deviations of the established modes are displayed. According to the results of the data analysis, the technologist brings corrective amendments and changes into production schedules, develops and changes technological and working instructions, carries out adjusting and preventive actions. 

    In order to define a level of satisfaction of the personnel, the interrogation, in which all workers participate, are carried out at the enterprise. The list of parameters, based on which the measurement of satisfaction is carried out, is developed on the base of determined priorities of the personnel. The basic directions of improvement of work with the personnel are determined and corresponding actions, included into strategy and plans of the enterprise.

    The satisfaction of consumers needs is a priority direction of the distillerys activity. The enterprise always works in order to meet wishes of customers. To determine a level of customer satisfaction, we are tracing tendencies, increasing a level of satisfaction of customer needs and assessing our work with consumers. The best parameter of customer satisfaction means stable, long-term cooperation, increase in number of consumers, loyal to production of our enterprise.


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