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спирт етиловий спирт класу Люкс

 Quality control.

Quality control is fulfilled on all stages of production, starting with high-quality stuff selection and ending with shipment of the produce from storehouse.

Our main goal is satisfying consumers' requirements. Our product entirely meets the requirements of national standards, and also our partners requirements. And it's not only the quality of the product itself that is in question but also the quality of the entire service provided to our customers: providing any necessary information to customers, comments about inapplicable product etc.

The high quality of our products is achieved by the following:

 - plantation of new technologies;

- selection of highly qualified personnel;

- automatic production;

- installation of modern equipment.

спирт етиловий спирт

  To fulfill direct control over the quality of the product we have a modern lab at our disposal. It 
gives us a possibility to do complete chemical analysis of the output.



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